MTS Teams Up With Stock Trader’s Almanac For ‘End Of The Best 6 Months For Stocks’ Webinar!


When it comes to trading, two successful components include having long-term goals and long-term vision. is teaming up with Stock Trader’s Almanac for the “End of the Best 6 Months for Stocks” webinar come April 12, 2014!

The webinar will offer an open discussion about where various stocks are now and where they are going in the months ahead, based upon sound projections. The webinar will offer a great opportunity for participants to not only gain advice about stocks and their activity, but to have a broader outlook about where they will go in the coming months.

(Photo Credit: Provided)
(Photo Credit: Provided)

Stock Trader’s Almanac prides itself on being the “Authority on Stock Market Cycles.” In fact, the Stock Trader’s Almanac initiative titled the “Best Six Months” is a “…switching strategy is basically the flipside of the old ‘sell in May and Go Away’adage. After decades of historical research, we discovered that most market gains occur during the months November through April. Investing in the Dow Jones Industrial Average between November 1st and April 30th each year and then switching into fixed income for the other six months has produced reliable returns with reduced risk since 1950,” according to their official website.

“Our ‘Best Months’ Switching Strategy will not make you an instant millionaire as other strategies claim they can do. What it will do is steadily build wealth over time with half the risk (or less) of a ‘buy and hold approach. This strategy is used in conjunction with the MACD indicator to confirm or assist in timing buy and sell decisions. So once we enter April or October we begin tracking MACD for a confirming ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ signal and issue an Almanac Investor Alert when it occurs,” added the Stock Trader’s Almanac website.

So be sure to sign up for the “End of the Best 6 Months for Stocks”, taking place on April 12, 2014 by clicking here!

Also, be sure to read the Stock Trader’s Almanac’s daily posts on the website!

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Check out video of our own President/CEO Danny Riley personally invite you to our webinar!

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