‘Trade With The Elite Webinar Contributors’ Spotlight’: Jack Broz


For real-time market analysis, continuing market and trading education, and well informed market information, it’s  Jack Broz to the rescue! Broz, who has been a CBOT member since 1996, trades bond, note, and S&P futures from his booth on the trading floor.

Jack Broz (Photo Credit: Jack Broz)
Jack Broz (Photo Credit: Jack Broz)

Broz is also founded and published the Marlin Letter, a web site that gave trading advice through the eyes of a futures trader. As a lead trader inside of the MrTopStep IM-Pro Trading Room, Broz brings his trading expertise, ideas, price levels and breaking news live from the floor with other professional traders and new traders eager to gravitate and learn from him as well as the collective intelligence the chat room houses on a regular basis.

Broz’ website BrozonBonds.com houses a plethora of information for the trader that wishes to stay well informed about the markets as well as abreast of current happenings on the floor and in the realms of trading. “… if YOU are serious about improving your trading, Jack will help you,” his website affirms. Clients who have been professional traders and even those who have been trading longer than Broz all benefit from his services and knowledge base.

Broz is one of three professional traders who will participate in a live webinar on Saturday, February 15, 2014. Coined as one of the “Three Amigos” by MrTopStep.com, Broz who is known for delivering well informed, honest and in-depth advice on the trading of U.S. Bonds, U.S. Notes, and SP Futures, will be on hand on Saturday the 15th, to answer questions as well as offer comprehensive tactics about obtaining the most from your trading. With his approachable style and matter-of-fact tact, Broz can provide guidance, support and input throughout any trading process.

Check out video below of Jack Broz in action and click here to view his website!


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